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Iron-on patch in 3 color options. Put some travel inspiration on your backpack, tote bag, hat, etc.


In stock and ready to ship. Prices in USD.


  • Ironing Instructions

    1. Heat your iron to the setting of the fabric you are applying the patch to. Make sure to not use any water.

    2. Iron the area you would like to put the patch on for 10 seconds.

    3. Place the patch where you would like it. 

    4. Hold the iron still for 15 seconds over the patch. You may use a pillow case or other fabric as a barrier between the patch and the iron to protect your garmet.

    5. Wait for the patch to cool, about one minute.

    6. Check to make sure the corners are secure. If not, iron again for 15 seconds.

    7. If putting the patch on a beanie, or something else that will get a lot of use, it might be best to stich along the corners or the edges, as you see fit. 

    8. Enjoy!

    Note: Hand washing is best, to ensure the patch does not come off.

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