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Above the Clouds


Where Ive been
Packing Tips!
Where i've been!

Below are all the countries I've been to, in order of first time in the country. If I have videos about a country, they'll be linked! 

  1. USA

  2. Canada

  3. Mexico 

  4. France

  5. England

  6. Spain

  7. Japan

  8. Peru

  9. South Korea

  10. Thailand

  11. Denmark

  12. Belgium

  13. Netherlands

  14. Germany

  15. Czech Republic

  16. Austria

  17. Cambodia

  18. Laos

  19. Malaysia

  20. Australia

  21. Philippines

  22. New Zealand

  23. Iceland

  24. Portugal

  25. Vietnam 

  26. Indonesia

This was my first proper tramping trip i
what to pack!

After traveling far and wide I've come up with a few handy hints that may help you with your packing for your next adventure.

Watch what I packed for New Zealand:

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